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We are dedicated in providing pet lovers and their pets Amazing Personalised Care, Outstanding Value and Truly Incredible Service. We like to know you as people as well as our clients – here you are known as a person not merely a number.


Our Services:
  • Puppy Pre-School – Puppy School provides your pups with safe socialisation opportunities and basic training.  Take the stress and overwhelm out of owning a new puppy and enquire about our next Puppy School.


  • Desexing -  Desexing has multiple health benefits. 

  • Dogs:  
    Male dogs
     that are entire will try and escape the yard in search of a lady friend and this puts them at risk of being hit by a car or getting into a fight with another amorous male! Males can also develop testicular cancer and perianal adenomas.  They will also have more of a tendency to urinate to mark their territory, which can make them unpopular.  
    Female dogs -  desexing will reduce the risk of your dog developing breast cancer (depending when the surgery is done).  They won't suffer from a potentially fatal infection of the Uterus known as pyometra.  Coming on heat twice a year can be inconvenient as she will bleed on your carpet and will attract dogs from far and wide, and then an unexpected pregnancy can be costly!
  • Cats:
    Tom Cats: Wander the neighbourhood in search of a girlfriend and often get into expensive fights when they come across other cats defending their territory.  Bite wounds and abscesses can result in your cat contracting feline aids.
    Female Cats: Spaying can prevent your cat from getting breast cancer or becoming pregnant. Your lovely cat will be on heat after about 5 months of age for about a week.  During this time she will yowl and roll and be extra affectionate.  You will also find your back garden will be full of stray tom cats fighting for her affections!  If she doesn't fall pray to one of the Tom Cats and manages to avoid falling pregnant then she will be on heat again in 2-3 weeks time.  If she does fall pregnant then she can be on heat again as quickly as a week after giving birth.
  • Rabbits: Ovarian Cancer is a high risk in entire female rabbits, whilst entire male rabbits will have more of a tendency to urinate on everything.
  • Ferrets
    Female Ferrets: can die if not desexed.  They remain on heat for long periods of time if not mated, this increases their oestrogen levels which eventually poisons the bone marrow. 
    Male Ferrets: Desexing a male ferret will reduce their aggressive behaviour and significantly reduce their musky odour.


  • Dentistry - Dental disease causes bad breath, pain and is also a source of infection and can make your pet seriously sick. If your pet has dental disease the accumulation of plaque and bacteria ends up in their blood stream and can affect the liver and can cause kidney disease.  80% of dogs and 70% of cats over 3 years of age have some form of dental disease.  Dental disease can be easily prevented.  Book your pet in for a free nurse dental check up.
  • Senior Pet Care – Care for your pet as they get older is vital.  If you notice signs of weight loss, reduced appetite or an increase in thirst then we can help.


  • Vaccinations - Vaccination is important in controlling a number of serious, contagious and potentially fatal diseases of dogs and cats.  Dogs and cats should be vaccinated with the core vaccines 2 times as a puppy and 3 times as a kitten then yearly as an adult dog and cat, which can coincide with their annual health check. Vaccinations saves lives.


  • HeartWorm Prevention -  Heartworm is a silent killer of dogs and cats and is spread by mosquitos, so even indoor pets can get heartworm.  By the time you notice the tell tale signs of heartworm the damage has already been done and unfortunately it is too late.  The worms grow inside the hearts and lungs of your pets, causing the heart to become weak and scarring and pnuemonia to set into the lungs.  Yearly heartworm injections for dogs and topical treatment for cats are the best way to prevent heartwork infection.  Prevention is much better than cure as the disease is costly to treat and usually fatal by the time it's diagnosed. If your pet has not been treated for heartworm we strongly urge you to come in for a Heartworm test to catch it in it's early stages or to start preventative medicine.


  • House blood testing - We can do diagnostic bloods on site, which means you get results whilst you wait, we can provide your pet with quicker intervention, good for your pet and less travelling for you.


  • X-ray and Dental X-ray -  In house digital x-ray machine for speedy diagnostics for your bad breathed, limping or ball eating pets.


We are able to deal with the majority of problems within the practice. But sometimes there are animals with special needs. We have a great relationship with the various specialists available and refer your pet to the most appropriate one if there are more specific or unusual needs in the diseases of skin, eyes, internal medicine or special surgery of bones, spine or soft tissue.

Our staff is dedicated to the health of your pets and to your peace of mind. Both veterinary and nursing staff attend regular continuing education events to update their knowledge and skills.

Our hours are 8am to 7pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am to noon on Saturday. We are closed on Public Holidays.

The practice services numerous suburbs within Adelaide including Croydon, Hindmarsh and Brompton. 

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